Our proposal for you

"Choose the one you like the most and go with the flow of the emotion of discovering how it will be enjoying a blend moment…"

1-"Today I´m a winemaker"

A fascinating wine tour where you will discover why wine is a drink that you can love from the moment it is a little grape in the vines till you can appreciate it in a glass.


2- "Today I play my small part"

In the land with one of the purest water in the world, stunning landscapes and a strong commitment of safeguarding its ecosystem, we challenge you to be part of the sustainable tourism global trend directly from locals.


3- "Nature inspires me to adventure!"

A walk through the most beautiful, fun and exciting places in the Uco Valley; you can do horseback riding, trekking, bike rides, 4x4 experiences, rafting, paragliding and many other activities.


4- "In the heart of tradition"

When the town dresses up to celebrate, you can join its people and share the magic of enjoying culture and history in the most popular traditional festivals, including Festival Nacional de la Tonada and Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia.


5- "Today I feel Zen"

FreFacing the majestic Andes Mountain, you will enjoy activities specially prepared to make your mind, body and heart be connected and your energies renewed.


(Each option, may or may not include accommodations and transportation.)

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